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Welcome to the LifeThrive Free Assessment

The assessment you are about to take is not meant to be a comprehensive tool for personal development and life application. However, it will provide you with some significant and useful information. It was designed as a preview of something deeper and richer that will help you better understand your personal potential. It is our hope that you will recognize the value of further exploring our personal development plans. This free assessment will help you identify:

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  1. How you project yourself to others in multiple dimensions
  2. How you approach life in seven different categories.
  3. Several areas in which you have important strengths.
  4. Some personal training and development programs that could help you.
  5. Areas for your personal attention

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  1. How your beliefs, as well as objective and subjective mindsets, impact your life.
  2. 10 specific word descriptions of your approach to people and processes
  3. Any internal conflicts (if apparent) that impact your decision-making process
  4. Additional training and development suggestions.
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