LifeThrive Assessment Demographic Data

LifeThrive Assessment Demographic Data

Your Spiritual Gifting Index

Every believer is gifted by God to build up and serve the Body of Christ, not just themselves. A complete listing of all the gifts can be found in the following scriptures

This inventory was designed to accommodate the gifts listed in the above-mentioned scriptures. The authors are aware that some feel that certain gifts have passed away. However, if Scripture lists them, then chances are that God intended for us to understand their purpose and how/when applications are or were appropriate. We have assigned the gifts into four "clusters" which identify their origin and purpose so you will know best how to Serve God.

Our Father did not design you to be the same as anyone else, so it is important not to desire a gifting just because a friend has it. Any specific gift or group of gifts should not be considered more important than another, especially if it does not fit into how God wants you to serve. Paul reminds us that as a body has many parts, each has its unique function.

Your answers will provide you a ranking in the defined categories and individual gifts. The definitions are derived from the original Greek as defined in Strong’s Concordance and represent how these living realities were captured in words by observers during Biblical times.

Directions for taking the assessment

LifeThrive’s Spiritual Gifting Index is comprised of 100 questions in which you will be asked to rank your strength or weakness as it pertains to a particular aspect of each gift. The Bible is clear that it is good to desire the gifts but realize that no one is good at everything. Each of us was created “for purpose and such a time as this.” No one will display all the gifts all the time.

This assessment will require your attention for about 30 minutes. Please read each statement completely before answering. Once you understand the statement, rank how deeply God has gifted you, NOT what you desire or hope for. Assign the score according to the following scale:

For smaller screens, such as cell phones, we recommend landscape view for the assessment.

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